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Team Lead – Call Center

Department: Sales
Location: Montreal

This position is responsible for the coaching and support of lead generation representatives in completing quality calls and transfer goals within our Call Center.  The coach is responsible to assist all team members in reaching daily and weekly call volumes and transfer goals by mentoring, motivating and tutoring best practices.  The Coach will demonstrate lead generation calls, evaluate and listen to lead generation calls and be responsible for general administration associated to the role.

Job Summary:

  • Mentor, lead and manage team in meeting and exceeding targets;
  • Review and evaluate employee proficiency, deficiencies and provide one-on-one coaching;
  • Monitor and review recorded calls for coaching and quality control purposes and provide employees with the feedback;
  • Provide effective coaching, guidance and leads by example on sales best practices including:  up-selling, handling objections, call control, and sales techniques;
  • Assist and support sales staff motivation, goal setting and goal achievement both on a daily and weekly basis;
  • Listen to call recordings (y-jack) and  communicate good and bad techniques, how to better the sales call and follow through to results;
  • Manage employee expectations and is able to lead by example in all facets of the corporate’s code of conduct;
  • Conduct monthly  and weekly employee reviews and prepare appropriate score cards and present results to management;
  • Suggest innovative ways to improve work processes and work technology;
  • Maintain confidentiality and address personnel issues sensitively, appropriately in accordance with the established procedures and corporate code of conduct;
  • Monitor the breaks, log in / logout schedules of staff along with attendance monitoring;
  • Ensure correct work related information is circulated to management and appropriate team members in a professional fashion at all times in order to avoid friction, miscommunication and employee dissatisfaction.

What we’re looking for:

  • Have an energetic, forward-thinking and creative approach with high standards;
  • Proven organizational, interpersonal an communication skills with the ability to act as a team player and mentor;
  • Experience in understanding code of conduct employment laws and with the proven ability to guide and manage a team accordingly;
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate and motivate team in achieving quotas;
  • Ability to demonstrate and assist a great sales call and assist the team as necessary to meet daily volumes,

Your key qualifications:

  • A minimum of two years of experience in inside sales in the same or related industry; or equivalent combination of experience and education;
  • Strong organizational skills and goal oriented;
  • Superb communication skills, both written and oral.

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